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Tin Skinny Ties
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Below are the 19 most recent journal entries recorded in Strippers, Hard Drugs and Bubble Gum's LiveJournal:

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Saturday, March 10th, 2007
11:27 pm
Okay, I am new here, and as far as I know, this is quite possibly one of the hottest things on earth. 


Sunday, July 10th, 2005
7:57 pm
hair conundrum

Gross, looks like Nicky's got a mullet.

Hot? I think notCollapse )

Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
4:46 pm
Nooo just as I discover this wonderful shrine of strokes manlove it is dead. Please...live again!
Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
11:39 pm
"Accidentally" my ass.
Hello. I'm new here, and I'm afraid I've got no new pictures. However...
Am I the only one who noticed this in Spin this month, or what exactly?

Some Strokes fans who had expected to receive a copy of the tour documentary In Transit were accidentally treated to a different kind of stroke flick. A handful of the fan club-only DVDs came with Group Therapy, a soft-core gay porn film, instead of the movie featuring home-video footage from the New York rockers' first year on the road. P.J. Jankunas, 18, was confused when he opened the DVD case to find an unidentified smiling man on his disc, but after hitting "play" and seeing "a bunch of naked guys and menu options covering stuff I really did not want to see," there was no doubt. According to Strokes manager Ryan Gentles, fewer than 30 of the 2,000 fan-club members were victims of the switch, which he says "could have only occurred at the manufacturing and packaging site. The DVDs arrived at our office shrink-wrapped in plastic." While Gentles says the band considers this "a very serious issue," Group Therapy executive producer Michael Shoel is taking the swap in stride. "Strokes fans don't seem to be uptight about it," he says. "Thank God it wasn't the Pope's Christmas Mass DVD."

I'd call this ironic, but as a Canadian I'm never entirely sure what irony really is. So let's just say "funny." And maybe "not far from what home-video footage of the Strokes would have looked like anyway."

Current Mood: social
Friday, October 8th, 2004
1:19 am
*Loots Thestrokesfan.com*
Mostly, I just think this one is pretty. Collapse )

Now, I've got this theory that the boys have this mental set up. It goes as follows. 'If we are somewhere near girls or touching girls when we are acting gay, it is, thus, not gay.'

Proof.Collapse )
Saturday, September 18th, 2004
8:36 pm
Hey kids. I just joined this community. I must say, this has got to be the coolest community ever. I'm still learning how to use all these crazy lj cuts and things, so please. Excuse me.

orgassmmmmCollapse )
Monday, January 1st, 1996
2:11 am
Anybody can tell me what album Apple Blossom is in?
OMGz! Lyk, Weyk Uppp ComuneetiQ!!

No. Really, do wake up,Collapse )

Current Mood: bored
Friday, August 6th, 2004
10:34 pm
Sunday, July 18th, 2004
6:36 pm
i have no life...so here are some goofy photos

lash her upCollapse )

bored yet?


Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, July 13th, 2004
10:10 pm
Just joined, mostly because I wanted to show off my friend's(ishyface) quiz that she made because I want to share the wonderful love that is The Strokes.

You're mostly a fan of the Strokes because you
think they're hot. There is nothing wrong with

What Kind Of Strokes Fan Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

So yeah, go take it, have some fun! ^_^


Current Mood: giggly
Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
3:43 pm
I'm not sure if you'd be here if you didn't check The Strokes.com, but if you are, you NEED to go see the latest home videos.

Albert Hammond Jr, Dancing Queen. I will say no more.
Sunday, June 13th, 2004
6:21 pm
6:06 pm
Please, if you're going to be an icon thief, don't be a moronic icon thief. If you've stolen an icon and someone asked you to take it down, please listen to them.

Especially if the person you stole from is loved incredibly by one of the mods of a community you're trying to join.

All my icons are freely gackable. Go for it. Steal your little hearts out. This is a PERSONAL decision, and only applies to MY icons, not icons of community members.

Also, spam sucks, keep it to a minimum. Unless you, say, forget to link the community you're spamming for and thus amuse us greatly.

Best wishes
-El Juno, the 'bad cop mod'
Saturday, June 12th, 2004
3:00 am
i must say that at 3 am this has to be my fav community. <3
Friday, June 11th, 2004
11:36 am

so come on now...if you think your good enough.

Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
4:53 pm
A friend of mine in hysterics because apparently Nikolai (her hero) is getting married as well as Julian. I am too, but for different reasons, mainly Nikolai and Julian both getting married/engaged?! At the same time???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let us break out the wine and congratulate the happy couple. Juliet what's her name, my ass.

Current Mood: amused
Monday, June 7th, 2004
11:47 am
and after all...
Tsk tsk, Albert. Just the other day, Albert was trying to get with one Mr. Nick Valensi.


::sigh::Collapse )

Current Mood: amused
Monday, May 31st, 2004
10:31 pm
I thought about picspamming this with photos of Jules and Jack cause they're the absolute OTP and all that.

Ahem. Let us begin.

Lessee...Collapse )

Current Mood: geeky
8:55 pm
It struck me today that this community needs some life.

I am also very bored.

It also struck me that I know something you don't know, and I always love to flaunt such revelations.


Current Mood: mellow
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