El Juno (eljuno) wrote in tinskinnyties,
El Juno

*Loots Thestrokesfan.com*

Now, I've got this theory that the boys have this mental set up. It goes as follows. 'If we are somewhere near girls or touching girls when we are acting gay, it is, thus, not gay.'

Nick has his hand on a girl's knee. He is also, pretty obviously, seriously considering making out with Albert.

Hence, touching girls negates the gay.

...Yeah. Right.
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Hence, touching girls negates the gay.

Goodness, that made my day!
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan Nick is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a faggy looking girly guy! It kinda makes me LOLOLOL!
Ahhh! Love this! Yea, of course Nick's contemplating making out with Albert. Who wouldn't?

That top picture. Oh man. That's just. So damn cute.
Nice Theory.