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"Accidentally" my ass.

Hello. I'm new here, and I'm afraid I've got no new pictures. However...
Am I the only one who noticed this in Spin this month, or what exactly?

Some Strokes fans who had expected to receive a copy of the tour documentary In Transit were accidentally treated to a different kind of stroke flick. A handful of the fan club-only DVDs came with Group Therapy, a soft-core gay porn film, instead of the movie featuring home-video footage from the New York rockers' first year on the road. P.J. Jankunas, 18, was confused when he opened the DVD case to find an unidentified smiling man on his disc, but after hitting "play" and seeing "a bunch of naked guys and menu options covering stuff I really did not want to see," there was no doubt. According to Strokes manager Ryan Gentles, fewer than 30 of the 2,000 fan-club members were victims of the switch, which he says "could have only occurred at the manufacturing and packaging site. The DVDs arrived at our office shrink-wrapped in plastic." While Gentles says the band considers this "a very serious issue," Group Therapy executive producer Michael Shoel is taking the swap in stride. "Strokes fans don't seem to be uptight about it," he says. "Thank God it wasn't the Pope's Christmas Mass DVD."

I'd call this ironic, but as a Canadian I'm never entirely sure what irony really is. So let's just say "funny." And maybe "not far from what home-video footage of the Strokes would have looked like anyway."
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