Tin Skinny Ties

Your Head's Definitely Not Right

Strippers, Hard Drugs and Bubble Gum
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tinskinnyties: Not tinhats, not tinkilts, but tinskinnyties. Because vaguely homoerotic all-boy bands are Teh Gay.

Supporting the Strokes, the White Stripes, and all other closeted Plural Nouns and Adjective Plural Nouns bands.

This is mostly a joke, but it's also a pictures, commentary and fic-pimpage-friendly community. All are welcome.

Note as well: While we are officially pairing-blind and pairing-neutral (and that goes as well for the girls vs. the guys...in other words, F/F AND M/M is welcome here) at least one of the mods has a serious thing for Albert/Nick from the Strokes. Keep this in mind if you want to get on his good side. And, yes, we ARE bribable.

Homophobes beware; we have asbestos underpants!

For fic, please check out our beloved sibling strokeslash.